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  • Do Pets Get Toothache?

    I hear the word toothache and I flinch.   I actually can feel it.   How about you? If so you are not alone  (there is actually an official)  National Toothache Day I don’t know about you, but generally I don’t really look forward to seeing the dentist (hey, he is a really nice guy for […]

  • Cats Scratching at Furniture

    Cat claws are a sensitive topic – after all in USA the surgery to remove claws completely is commonly performed.   I got a phone call from a lady who moved to Mundaring from USA. She had a kitten and it was clawing at her lounge and she asked at what age she could get it […]

  • Cat Mobility Vet Blog

    Cat mobility

    You may notice that as your cat gets older they aren’t as nimble as they once were. It’s easy to assume this is just a natural part of ageing; however, just like humans, cats can suffer from a debilitating disease called arthritis. Today, it’s estimated that 1.5 million cats live with arthritis across Australia and […]

  • Mikey Stuart

    Mikey’s Story

    Mikey is your typical, fun loving young black cat.He  loved to run,  play, chase and climb trees.However, one day he fell out of a tree (seriously!).He broke ribs, squashed his liver and split a 5cm hole in his abdominal muscles that allowed abdominal contents to move out (and needed surgery to repair).We happen to love […]

  • Cat Friendly Vet Practice Blog

    Cat News!

    All of us here at Paws and Claws are very proud to announce that we are now a Practice Member of the International Society of Feline Medicine! We are also very close to becoming accredited as a Cat Friendly Practice! Those that know us well are aware that we have always been committed to looking […]