• Dog with long curling nails

    Clipping Dog Nails

    What is the most unexpected frustration for a caring dog or cat owner?   I would say clipping of nails. These small hard objects on your pets feet are designed to function when they short.  When they are long – they catch on carpet and clothing,  and change the way your pet walks. We  get asked […]

  • Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

      Ever heard of Cushings disease in dogs?    I’m often surprised by just how many people know about it.  However those same people don’t always have the right facts about Cushings. Being informed is powerful, but it seems there is some information out there in Google-world that isnt entirely accurate.   Why is it called […]

  • Cute kitten for cat flu vaccination

    Calicivirus in Cats

      Can we agree that cats are unique and different? What a cat brings to your life is individual and uncompromising – they each have their own personality and flair. When it comes to health – calicivirus infections are an example of how cats are just so unique (and certainly different to dog and human […]