Animal care and procedures

Paws and Claws Veterinary Clinic provides a wide range of services, including:

  • General Check-Ups (Consultations)

    Nobody knows your animal as well as you do. Our experiences over the years have shown that if you feel your animal is “not right”, then you are always correct. A general check-up is a great way to help determine why you animal is not 100%. General check-ups are also a valuable way of assessing […]

  • Vaccination

    A healthy immune system is the best protection your animal has against disease. Vaccination is a way of promoting your animal’s immunity against certain diseases. Not every disease that your animal may contract has a vaccination, however many of the more serious diseases have a vaccination that has been developed to help promote immunity. Vaccinations […]

  • X-rays

    X-rays can be a valuable source of information which will help us provide the best treatment plan for your animal. Whilst we all think of bones and joints on an x-ray, the truth is that we just as frequently use x-rays for exquisite detail about lungs, heart, liver, intestine and teeth (as well as many […]

  • Surgical Facilities

    We routinely carry out surgical procedures. You may be amazed at the diversity and complexity of some of the surgical procedures that we are required to complete. From desexing a cat or repairing broken bones in a joeys’ leg, through to removing a tennis ball that “Ace” the Golden Retriever managed to swallow and get […]

  • Microchips

    We are regularly called upon to both implant microchips, and scan animals that have been lost to see if they have a microchip. Microchips are a great way to ensure that if your animal is unlucky enough to get lost, they can always be identified as belonging to you. Almost all veterinary clinics and Shire […]

  • Flea and Tick Treatments

    Fleas and ticks are a source of significant skin itch and irritation for a lot of our animals (and fleas pass on a tapeworm as well). There are a large variety of flea and tick treatments, and we are happy to discuss which of these is most appropriate for your pet. There are a few […]

  • Intestinal Worms

    Often hidden from view and often forgotten, intestinal worms are a fact of life for our animals and regular worming programs are very beneficial to their health. The age of your animal, its lifestyle, diet and other factors determine which worming products and which worming program is most likely to suit, so you have a […]

  • Dental Treatment

    Dental disease (more correctly called Periodontal Disease) has become increasingly recognised as a major source of unwellness in our cats and dogs. It is estimated that about 80% of cats and dogs over 3 years of age will accumulate tartar, which represents bacterial infection accumulating over the tooth and underneath the margins of the gum. […]

  • Pet Insurance

    We all know vet bills can be expensive and if unexpected accidents or illnesses occur, you want to be able to focus on your pet’s treatment and recovery rather than the financial burden. Advances in veterinary medicine are matching that of human medicine which means we can do alot more for your pet than ever […]