About You

What values do we share?

Its All About Trust

When you talk to a vet,  both you and vet can talk – but your pet cant speak for itself.

So its all about trust.
Trust that you are safe to say whatever is on your mind (you are) and trust that we will hear you (we will).

Thanks in advance for speaking up for your pet!



Trust what you Observe

Did you know that we humans DONT have just the 5 senses you learned about at school?

Instead we are now thought to have up to 14 (or more…) senses.  This allows us to make sense of our world and know what is going on.

Some people call it a “6th Sense” and some people call it their “Spidey Sense”.  But our clients often tell us they think things arent right for their pet, but they cant specifically state just what that something is.

Do you know how often they are right?  100% of the time.

Our clients are great at knowing and observing their pet, and then when things dont seem quite right – trusting their observations.



Trust that we will treat Your pet as Individual (because they are)

You expect us to know a lot about dogs, cats, birds, kangaroos, guinea pigs, rabbits ……  well all the animals.  And we do.

However YOUR pet is an individual.   Their individual characteristics, quirks and behaviours mean a lot and make them who they are.

We know that our obligation to you is to learn about them (and you) as an individual and then ensure the way we approach answering your questions and ensuring your pets health needs are met,  have that same individual focus.



Trust that Comfort is Important

Some health issues can be prevented, some can be cured, most can be controlled (alleviate the symptoms).

But  ……. you can trust that ensuring your pet is comfortable and that any pain, itch or anxiety is met with thoughtful treatments that maintain comfort is more than just important.   It is everything.