About You

What values do we share?

We dont mean to be intrusive, let alone try to predict who you are as a person. However, we talk a lot to our clients and listen to their thoughts. We have heard a few distinct thoughts from our clients and the animals that hold a place in their heart.

We have to admit that their thoughts mirror a lot of how we feel too.

Firstly – they talk to their animals a lot.

Feels a bit funny to say that out loud, doesnt it? Your dog, cat, budgie or chook isn’t really human, and yet we use our human language to talk to them. And lets face it – they often seem to respond (well, my animals do anyway…!)

Its ok – you can rest easy with us – we talk all the time to our animals too (and often find ourselves engaging in conversation with our clients animals also!)

Secondly, you enjoy the time you spend with your animal. Dammit, you perhaps find yourself enjoying the time with your pet as much as time spent with family or friends. If you are really brave you may even admit you like the time with your pet MORE than time with humans (but you don’t say this out loud, as other humans don’t like hearing this at all).

You may find yourself feeling a bit concerned as to whether all the topics you read and hear about pet health is actually necessary, actually good, actually helping your pet?

Lets face it, there is just SO MUCH information out there about healthcare that promises quick fixes, rapid solution and that you simply MUST do this particular thing to help your pets health. You love your pet, but it does get a bit overwhelming to think that getting a pet became so COMPLICATED.

Well – what we observe in our clients and their pets is that there is no one quick fix, no one solution and no one health approach that is necessary or useful for every single pet of the same species. There are some very important health principles that need to be considered for every single animal, but your pet is an individual and their health needs to be treated that way.

Our clients tell us they want answers (they tend to be pretty direct with us and tell us exactly what they want). An answer as to what is going on with their pets health, what is likely to work best, what is likely to not work. They need us to “cut to the chase”. That means we spend a lot of time listening – because you spend the most time with your pet, so your observations are critically important to understanding what is really going on) and then finding the answers they need. After all, if we don’t have the right answer, we aren’t going to be giving the right solution.

We learn a lot from our clients. Once we were instructed that grandma taught her that we all have “……. 2 eyes, 2 ears and only 1 mouth – use them in that proportion ….”. We like that saying – and try consistently hard to do just that every day as we strive to help our clients help their pets to live better, feel better, be more comfortable and prevent future health issues.