Dental Check Up

I Give In …..

I had (another) 3 people ask me today when we were going to have a Dental Month.

Here’s the thing though …. it seems unfair to disadvantage those pet owners regularly and diligently taking care of their dogs and cats teeth by having a once a year special (which sort of encourages people to wait longer than their pets health really needs).

But ….. I had another 3 people ask me that same question this morning ………..  so I give in.

So it seems fair to offer the deal to those clients who are most deserving, those who have been in recently and consistently.

Your last visit here at Paws and Claws qualifies you to have a special deal in our view.

So ……You have access to one of 10 limited places in July or August to take care of the dental issue you may have been wanting to deal with, but have not got around to.  Take action in August and we will take $50 off the price.  Take action in July (yes, I know there isn’t long left) and we will take $70 off the price.

No questions asked.  Pet dental done,  you get a deal that’s hard to walk past.

Mention “Pet Dental” when you phone to book, and our nurses will know you are one of the few to receive this offer.


Ian and Paws and Claws Vet Team