Stem Cell Treatment

Picture your pet comfortable, happy and enjoying life. Isn’t this really what our bond and relationship with our pet is all about?

You may have heard a lot of talk lately about Stem Cell Treatment, and just what it can do to provide great improvement in quality of life. Well, it is true.

The value of Stem Cell Treatment is that this utilises a simple surgery to obtain the valuable stem cells from YOUR dog’s fat tissue, and these are processed in clinic. Injections of stem cells are then performed into damaged or arthritic joints on the same day. ¬†Stem Cell Treatment will make available the cells that function in Repair and Replacement, into the areas that really need them.

At this time, stem cells are used primarily to help improve arthritic joints, damaged ligaments and fractures. More work is being done all the time in this new and exciting area of medicine, and hope is high that it may well have other applications that result in great improvement in quality of life.

Could your pet enjoy an improved quality of life with the use of its own stem cells?

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