Puppy School

Puppy Classes MundaringWould you like a calm, relaxed, happy dog that is easy to take to the vet? Look no further!

Getting a new puppy can be such an exciting time, but it can also be plenty of hard work—lots to know and lots to remember. To help you, we’ve introduced Paws & Claws Puppy Boot Camp!

Puppy Bootcamp is a chance for puppies to socialise with other puppies, to get used to the vet, and to teach them some basic obedience. On graduation, each puppy and parent will receive a graduation certificate, and a file of information. Perhaps far more valuable is the happy, content and obedient puppy youʼll have from the training.

Why now?

During their first 16 weeks of life, puppies develop 90% of their behaviour towards humans, other

animals and their surroundings. Their experiences during this time will have a lasting effect on their

personalities. Working with them in these formative months helps to develop lasting and positive

behaviours for your puppy.

Course Outline






-Dental Care


-Pet Insurance

-Backyard Behaviour And Boredom

-Leads And Collars

-Registration And Microchipping

-Toilet Training


-Name Recognition


-Lay Down

-Come And Stay


-Handling Exercises

-Health Examination


Should we the bring family along?

Yes, everyone that is going to be teaching their new addition can attend. It is important that we

don’t distract the puppies during puppy school. As a result, we have one important rule at Puppy

Bootcamp: everyone is seated at all times unless instructed otherwise!

At what age should I enrol them?

A great age for puppies to attend Puppy Bootcamp is between 6-18 weeks because this is a

puppy’s ideal socialisation age. It is during this time they will receive the greatest benefit.

Puppies MUST have had their first vaccination

My Vet told me I cannot take my Puppy out into public areas until they are fully vaccinated?

This is correct. Puppy Bootcamp is an exception however, as it is a controlled environment. Vet

Clinics are a ʻcleanʼ environment minimizing the chances of catching infectious diseases.



TUESDAY NIGHTS 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Cost: $100.00 for 4 week


Treats are supplied

Please note: Payment for the class must be paid prior to commencement.