Mikey’s Story

Mikey is your typical, fun loving young black cat.
He  loved to run,  play, chase and climb trees.
However, one day he fell out of a tree (seriously!).
He broke ribs, squashed his liver and split a 5cm hole in his abdominal muscles that allowed abdominal contents to move out (and needed surgery to repair).
We happen to love Mikey and think he is amazing.
However, we also just wanted to remind everyone that just because a cat can climb up easily and gracefully doesn’t always mean that they can climb down just as gracefully.
We are pretty sure that Mikey has used up at least one of his 9 lives,  but he is back to being his normal fun loving and friendly self.

Mikey is pictured below keeping Dr Rachel company while she writes up his records, and having a well deserved rest at home, all healed up and happy.

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